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understanding the criminal justice system

Services helping to create a positive environment to prevent problematic behavior that can sometimes lead to criminal activity.

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Services for Victims

These organizations provide information regarding victim's rights during the adjudication process, support, resources and counseling during times of crisis, and access to monetary compensation.

Examples: Rape Crisis Center, VOICE for Victims

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Intervention Programs

Court ordered and voluntary programs, resources, services and treatment, all of which provide external motivation to change a behavior and have roots in community treatment.

Examples: Tellurian, ARC Community Services

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Official bodies made up of one or more judges that hear disputes and dispense justice.

Examples: Public Defender, Probation and Parole

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The period of time during which a person is in the custody of law enforcement; for purposes of this website, the period includes pre-trial, post-trial (awaiting sentencing), the actual sentence, electronic monitoring, and extended supervision.

Examples: Law Enforcement, Alternatives to Incarceration

Services for those returning to their community after spending time in jail, prison or treatment facilities, making the transition easier.

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